Our Vineyard

Our vineyard is located in the district of Neckenmarkt in Mittelburgenland, which is also characterised by the dominant Blaufränkisch grape variety, also known as ‘Blaufränkischland’. Even at the end of the 1970s we produced small amounts of red wine using the Blaufränkisch variety, and these met with great recognition among wine connoisseurs. Since 1997 the wine has been marketed in bottles, and since then the name Tesch has experienced an unbelievable renaissance.

Neckenmarkt is located in the centre of Austria’s youngest federal state – Burgenland, which not only demonstrates a long-standing tradition in viniculture, but also has the strictest wine legislation in the world. With up to 2000 hours of sun a year, mild winters and nutrient-rich soils Mittelburgenland has the optimum pre-requisites for viniculture. The Celts were aware of this (around 500 B.C.), as indeed were the Romans who superseded them.

Today the soil here yields excellent white wines, and red wines in particular which are of international standing. The growing areas are particularly favourable for Blaufränkisch varieties – their clear dominance in cultivation has even lead to the Mittelburgenland being known as “Blaufränkischland”. The variety was even recognised around 800 AD as being a high quality grape variety, and today gives the wine its unmistakeable aroma of berries and full-bodied texture. Blaufränkischland stands for superb wine culture, excellent taste experiences and outstanding quality, which is recognised far beyond the borders of Austria.

More information about Neckenmarkt can be found at: www.neckenmarkt.eu and www.blaufraenkischland.at

Our vineyards cover a total area of approximately 20 hectars at the foothills of the Ödenburg mountains. The soil conditions are complex – from crystalline weathering schistous rock to deep loamy soil with good water retention capacity. With 60 %, the species ‘Blaufränkisch’ has a leading part in our vineyards.

Our vineyards which are up to 45 years old are located on the curved southern slope which enjoys views to Neusiedler See (6 km as the crow flies). The location which is up to 380m altitude is characterised by its crystalline rock and mica slate, making it particularly suitable for Blaufränkisch grapes.
South and south-east slopes

Weisser Weg
The vines on the south-facing slope are up to 60 years old. The medium-deep cambisol of limestone detritus and shell limestone are all used to cultivate Blaufränkisch. (BF Selection)

Further wine-growing areas
Hochäcker, Pollersgraben, Kronberg, Gfanger, Oberläng, Rüsselgrund, Hussi-Neuberg


In our view the challenge lies in producing excellent wines, in which the qualities of our terroir and the character of our grapes are palpable. In keeping with our philosophy as winegrowers we reduce the yield of the vines so as to maintain the best quality grapes which are then pressed and turned into top quality wines.

The vines are looked after in a natural manner, the wine grapes are sorted solely by hand, pressed and turned into wine with a great deal of intuitive feeling. Each of our vineyards has its own micro-climate and special features. It is through this type-specific, clear conversion that we want to bring out and make these specific differences and typicities in our wines something which can be tasted.

Wine-growing is more than “just” work to us. It is an expression of joie de vivre and cultural experience, which is why the family works as a team, where each member is happy to carry out their tasks.

Each year and each location places different demands upon wine-making. Careful cultivation and natural care, along with careful gathering of the grapes by hand are the basis for our top-quality wines. To do this we concentrate on grape varieties which are typical to the region, and these are perfectly selected for vinification.

We use state-of-the-art technology in the wine cellar to ensure functionality, efficiency and cleanliness and to produce distinctive wines of the highest standard. The temperature-controlled must fermentation of our wines takes place in stainless steel tanks and also in wooden fermenting stands, to achieve an optimum fermentation. After pressing, the ready- fermented red wines are filled in oak barrel containers and left to mature. It is only by doing this that our red wines find their harmony and form their character. By prior appointment (call) you can convince yourself (from Monday to Saturday) of the quality of our wines!