It is our vision to continue to perfect our wines. We set ourself this great challenge every year and are delighted to be able to offer you wines which are reflective of our philosophy, and of our joy in viniculture.

Josef Tesch

For several generations it has been both our job and our vocation to create good wines. What sounds easy is never completely predictable due to constant interactions of the natural conditions. Yet it is precisely this which makes viniculture so exciting for us. It is only with a great deal of technical knowledge, experience and concentrated work that we have succeeded in bringing the terroir, the grapes and the art of viniculture together in one harmonious interaction.

It is ultimately from this that top quality viniculture results, and this is evident in our wines which are of exceptional quality. Limited yields and a great deal of sensitivity with regard to vinification and development are guarantees for an exceptional wine experience – something which is also evident from the regular highest level appraisals which our wines receive – for instance in the wine guides from Falstaff, Gault Millau, ÖGZ, À la Carte and Der Feinschmecker

Wine-growing is more than "just" work to us.

In our view the challenge lies in producing excellent wines, in which the qualities of our terroir and the character of our grapes are palpable. In keeping with our philosophy as winegrowers we reduce the yield of the vines so as to maintain the best quality grapes which are then pressed and turned into top quality wines.

The next generation


Tesch vineyard is a traditional family business and the whole family is actively involved in the success. Between 1979 and 1982 Josef (Pepi) Tesch was already pressing small amounts of Blaufränkisch with his brother Hans, and it is still appreciated by wine lovers today who associate it with “österreichischen Rotweinwunder” (wondrous Austrian red wines).

For many years Pepi Tesch worked as manager of ‘Winzerkeller Neckenmarkt’ and at the same time led the family-owned winery with a lot of knowledge and experience in viniculture to success. The red wine visionary of central Burgenland now enjoys his well-deserved retirement and handed over the cellar task to his son Josef Christian Tesch. Josef Christian has grown up with the theme of wine and has been early integrated in the family-owned winery. In 2011 he took over the fortunes of the vineyard Tesch. Leading it with new zest he still does not forget the so important roots of the traditional vineyard. Of course, Josef Christian Tesch can rely on the support and assistance of the entire family. Mother Helene is in charge of the vineyards, Pepi Tesch is and advisory capacity. For several years now Tesch, and in particular the company’s wines, has once again been the name on everyone’s lips. It represents the highest level of quality and a close attachment to the region.


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